Warzone Resurrection


Warzone Resurrection takes place in the Mutant Chronicles universe – a dystopian future in which the nations of old Earth are no more, subsumed into the megacorporations – unimaginably vast empires which care more about their assets than the common man. Each of these corporations has a rich backstory and strong heritage inspired by the nations that founded them: the industrious Bauhaus; noble Imperial; honourable Mishima; materialistic Capitol; and the enigmatic Cybertronic. These corporations are spread across the worlds, moons and asteroids of the inner solar system embroiled in the Second Corporate War. But there is a darker and far more insidious threat than just your rival corporations…

Over-inquisitive Imperial explorers travelled too far in the name of greed, venturing far beyond the inner solar-system and discovering Nero – the 10th planet. On this barren rock they awoke a power from the darkness beyond our universe – the Dark Legion. Creatures akin to demons, taller and stronger than men able to manipulate the world around them using the mystical Dark Symmetry; an evil power applied to reanimate the dead and mutate the living into their foul servants. Standing as the bulwark of humanity are the Brotherhood; men and women devoted to the spiritual teachings of the First Cardinal. The Brotherhood wields the Art of Light, an arcane power the antithesis of Dark Symmetry. They stand sentinel over humanity, desperately trying to unite the feuding corporations against the threat of the Dark Legion.

Fight for wealth and for power! Fight to protect you corporation! Fight to save humanity, or fight to it! Take up arms, and join the war! Welcome to Warzone!




Warzone Resurrection is a tabletop miniatures game that uses highly detailed 32mm miniatures to create exciting skirmishes between rival armies in the Mutant Chronicles universe.

Warzone Resurrection utilises a dice and tape measure along with a simple to learn, comprehensive set of rules allowing players to create scenarios and play out a battle; ranging from a small skirmish between a handful of miniatures to bigger games using a larger collection of miniatures to represent a cataclysmic battle. Warzone Resurrection uses an intricate set of rules that allow you to explore every aspect of battlefield combat. During a game turn players alternate the activation of their squads until everything has been activated once. This allows players to act either actively or reactively during the game, creating an exciting dynamic and adding a great deal of strategy to every game.

The core rules for moving models, shooting ranged weapons, and engaging in close combat brawls are extremely simple, and can be learned by players in a matter of minutes, meaning you can get straight into the action of a game. Advanced rules provide the you with the option to do almost anything you wish on the battlefield – squad actions allow you to pin opponents to the floor or combine fire on single targets to bring down tough opponents – terrain can be climbed on, jumped off, thrown or blown up based upon your whims and the needs of the battle – psychic powers and evil magic allows you to empower friendly units whilst crippling your opponents.

In addition to the normal dice-based game players familiar with tabletop gaming would expect, Warzone Resurrection also uses a series of special cards to influence the game even further. In all game types you have resource cards that you “Turn to Burn” to either augment a unit in generic way, or to active the unique abilities of squad, allowing them to fulfil their true potential on the battlefield. In addition to these, you can choose to construct a deck of cards from three types: Gear Cards – used to equip units with better weapons, armour or abilities they would not normally have; Tactical Cards – used to provide a one-off special action such as augments or special attacks; and Strategy Cards – cards that influence the whole battlefield for one whole turn to help you gain the upper hand. Each player draws a hand of cards from their deck that can be replenished every turn. This novel aspect adds a host of new ways to try and turn the tables on your opponents, and win the game!

Fundamentally, Warzone Resurrection is easy to learn, fun to play and complex to master! It combines the combat of tabletop miniature gaming, the deck building strategy of card games and versatility of roleplaying games to create a unique gaming system that can be enjoyed by anyone.

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