How to start playing


There are 7 factions to chose from Warzone Resurrection range and still growing! Every faction is unique and have its own playstyle.

Choose the Corporation that suits you the best or models that you like the most!

You can start playing with just a squad and a hero or pick up a Starter Box. 

Your forces will grow in time, giving you diversity and possibility to fight bigger battles.


Warzone Resurrection is tabletop wargame for two and more players. So iInvite your friend to play against you, or friends to fight a team battle!

A Table

Beauty modelled gaming table is great addition to the game, but garden table can also be enough.

You can use cans, bottles and other stuff to make obstacles and other pieces of terrain, all in all this is a game of imagination!


The Rulebook explain how to fight a battle, spend actions, make movement, shoot or fight in melee. 

It also clarifies how to use cards, assembly your army and provide mission scenarios to fight exciting battles.

Tape Measure, Templates, Dice

In Warzone Resurrection all measurment is done in inches by Tape measure. All results are resolved by rolling twenty sided dice, you really need few of them as every actions are tested for single miniature.

A set of Templates is used for explosive and flamer weapons.

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