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There are seven factions in Warzone Resurrection to choose from: the industrious Bauhaus; noble Imperial; honourable Mishima; materialistic Capitol; enigmatic Cybertronic; enlightened Brotherhood and the darkness beyond our universe – the Dark Legion.

Fight for wealth and for power! Fight to protect your corporation! Fight to save humanity! Take up arms and join the war!


The Brotherhood – The Cleansing Flame

Standing as a bulwark against the enemies of humanity, the Brotherhood is a light against the darkness, the ties that bind humanity together and the truest weapon against the emergent evil.

The Brotherhood began a millennium ago. The First Cardinal, Durand, established the order to unite humanity under one faith and bring peace to the planets torn apart by The First Corporate War. When the Dark Legion threatened to drown humanity in a sea of blood it was Durand who forged the resistance, binding humanity together in a way never before seen and leading them to victory over the forces of the Dark Legion, sacrificing himself in the process. It was on this day that the Brotherhood established itself as a part of humanity forever. The Brotherhood are the antithesis of the Dark Legion. Where the Legion are spawns of Darkness, created using Dark Symmetry, the Brotherhood are conduits of Light. Brotherhood warriors are able to use arcane powers of the Art to decimate their enemies and bolster their allies.


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Dark Legion

The Dark Legion – The Doom from Beyond

Of all the threats faced by the Corporations, there are none so nefarious as the Dark Legion. The plague that would become the Legion first appeared during the infancy of mankind’s space exploration. Imperial Conquistadors travelled far in search on worlds not colonised by the other Legions and, in their desperation, awoke a darkness beyond the ken of mere mortals.

The awakening of the Legion triggered a shockwave of Dark Symmetry that corrupted the artificial intelligences and advanced technologies that had propelled mankind across the solar system. The Fall, as it came to be known, devastated mankind, crippling their society and military in equal measure, forcing them to adopt antiquated technologies allegedly impervious the Darkness.

Free of its prison of Nero, the tenth planet, the Darkness spawned its most malevolent weapons; the Five Apostles, each a representation of the twisted madness let loose upon mankind in the following its awakening. The most ruinous of the Apostles, Algeroth, Lord of Destruction, led a crusade across the Solar System slaughtering humanity by the thousands. Despite his successes, the Darkness was not destined to win that day. Through the sacrifice of First Cardinal Dominic and over a million brave warriors Algeroth was beaten and his legions broken. Evil, however, can never truly be destroyed and so the Legion retreated from core worlds. They have waited in the Darkness ever since. A millennia has come and gone, and now the Legion once again march to the war drum, intend of the destruction of humanity.

The Legion Forces are often fielded as a traditional Horde army; large units of Undead Legionnaires can form the bulk of your forces – the corpses of fallen warriors awoken from death by the power of Darkness. They are a cheap, reasonably equipped force easily a match for the troop choices of other armies. These Undead Legionaires have the option to be led by a Necromutant; a living warrior who has ascended into a brutal, cunning warrior through a variety of Necrotechnological procedures. These Necromutants augment your Undead Legionnaires, directing them and allowing them to act much more like they did in life. Necromutants are hardier, stronger and better equipped than the Undead Legionaires, and may also be taken as squads in their own right if you wish to field a more heavy infantry force.


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Capitol Corporation – Pride and Profit

The Capitol Corporation differs strongly from the other corporations – there is no ruling elite in Capitol for the power lies with the people. All Capitolians are able to vote democratically for members of the Board of Directors, the men and women who hold the power over Capitol. It is the Board of Directors which appoints the Board of Executives, the individuals who run the corporation day to day, one of whom serves as the President of Capitol – the face of the corporation. Whilst this convoluted system of voting and appointments seems to take power away from the people, the only way to keep these vaulted positions is to have a positive public image and to work for the betterment of the corporation.

Should the voters find any person wanting then officials step in to swiftly remove the offender from office and condemn them to the lowest ranks of Capitol society. Since all citizens of the corporation are voters, and all votes are shareholders in the corporation, it is always in the people’s best interest, financially, to ensure Capitol is run by the very best. In a world torn apart by war Capitol continues to grow and thrive economically; the success of their system is abundantly clear!

Capitol follows a simple ethos with regards to military action – deterrence and retaliation. To ensure this ethos is maintained, Capitol has the largest military of any corporation, effectively deterring anyone from attacking their holdings, and any action taken against them is retaliated against with overwhelming force, leading to the total destruction of the aggressors.

In Warzone Resurrection, the Capitol forces form an elite fighting unit that looks to overpower their foe. They have unique access to jet packs, making them a fast and maneuverable force. Before the game begins your choice of Warlord, between Ranged, Combat and Tech, influences and enhances your army – a choice of tactical training advantages specific to each Warlord class allows you to augment one type of your units.

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Imperial – The Clans of Damnation

Imperials organisational structure has more in common with a court from ancient myths than with any business conglomerate. Imperial is formed from a vast number of smaller, interconnected businesses that act together to form something greater than it’s individual parts. Many of these smaller companies owe an allegiance to one of the Noble families; these are the most powerful and influential families, many of which can trace their origins back to the founding of Imperial, that act to unify the smaller companies by business, and in many cases by marriage, to form Clans.

Above all sits the Imperial Serenity. In truth, the Serenity is little more than a figurehead elected by the Chamber of Lords to act as the face of Imperial. Nevertheless, she commands a great deal of respect and admiration in both Imperial, and across the Solar System, and many decisions on policy must first by given her approval before they can be enacted.

Thus is the political landscape of Imperial a complicated, bureaucratic nightmare formed from antiquated traditions of inheritance and birthright combined with democracy and economics; Imperial shares many of these traits with its market competitors and they may, in some way, contribute to their success.

Imperials military superiority is important given their method of business – hostile acquisitions. With land and resources across Mars, Mercury and Venus already in short supply, Imperials chances of settling somewhere new is limited. Instead the corporation chooses to entice, or buy out, small holdings from the other corporations from their base on Victoria, a large asteroid locked in orbit with Mars. This often brings them into competition with their rival corporations, with inevitable hostilities.

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Mishima Corporation – Death before Dishonour

The Mishima Corporation has deep ties to tradition and it’s culture is in every way inspired by those of it’s ancestors; a throwback to it’s feudal past in a world dominated by capitalism and democracy. Citizens are brought up to believe in ‘The Way’ – the guiding principles behind life in the corporation. The Way teaches citizens respect for their family, respect for tradition and loyalty, installing within each individual of Mishima the belief that they all function as but a small part of the whole, that their beliefs and culture are true and just, and that remaining faithful and loyal to their beliefs and the virtues of the corporation is the only way to live. It is this belief that sees thousands of Mishima citizens toil beneath the surface of Mercury every day for the betterment of their Corporation, for one man’s suffering means nothing if it brings honour to the corporation.

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Cybertronic Corporation – The Empire of Steel and Stealth

The Cybertronic Corporation are an enigma; where the other corporations have rich and extensive histories the Cybertronic Corporation are barely a century old, swelling to power in a financial coup that occurred in the blink of an eye. A colossal market crash saw the various megacorporations sell huge amount of land and enterprise in an attempt to prevent catastrophic losses. All these enterprises were bought up by freelancers; dummy companies secretly owned by Cybertonic. The Founding Day, as it would come to be known, saw the wealth of Cybertronic soar to the point that they now rival Imperial in power and industry.

Cybertronic’s power lies in technology. Since the time of Durand, cybernetic enhancements and artificial intelligence engines have been prohibited under the Brotherhoods Second Edict; technology such as these was easily befouled by Dark Symmetry in the past and their prohibition was designed to protect humanity. The Cybertronic Corporation make frequent use of such upgrades, even going so far as to use them to entice members of other corporations to abandon their loyalties and start a new life with Cybertronic. Emerging late in the market Cybertronic call no planet home, instead terraforming large swathes of the asteroid belt. Using their advanced technologies they have been able to pull several larger asteroids together and unite them via a series of transport links and pathway to form large supercomplexes inhabited by its citizens.

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From it's beginning, The Bauhaus Megacorporation had a well-deserved reputation for engineering excellence and now, nearly 1400 years later, this reputation still holds true. During the colonization of the solar system, all the Megacorporations employed their skills in the construction of ships, atmospheric processing plants and gravity regulators. In addition to their industrial reputation, they were also recognized for their honourable business ethics. The Bauhaus Megacorporation rarely offered the most appealing deals and they were never the cheapest, but agreements signed with them were always honoured.

As one might expect, the Bauhaus reputation for excellence extends onto the battlefield. Their military hardware is generally of a high standard and their mechanical and armoured support is notably superior to that of the other Megacorporations. Combined with good discipline and highly trained troops, the Bauhaus army is one of the most effective in the solar system. Following the culture of military service the troops themselves are also well motivated and follow a code of honour that has earned them respect throughout the Megacorporations.

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